Self Critique of Draft Logo

Looking back on my logo draft, I think it was a good start and I’m proud of it because I think it is pretty creative. After not looking at it for a few days, it’s nice to see it in a fresh perspective. I got some great feedback that I can used to make my logo better though from both peers and my instructor. I really appreciate when someone tells me exactly what they think I should do even though that isn’t always possible because it is just a suggestion and we don’t always know how something will turn out but I’m glad there are certain things that stick out as easily fixable like font placement, shape of my magnet, and affects that I can use or other shapes to add more pizzazz to my logo. I was hoping someone would have an idea of exactly HOW to make something look metal, so instead I will just have to do some more experimentation and can hopefully get the W in my logo to look more metal. I was also told to maybe add more to the logo but I think one of the best properties of a logo is simplicity so I will experiment with it but won’t be set on any additions. All in all, I got great feedback that will definitely help me improve my logo. I really appreciate it!


Draft Logo

Before I came up with an idea for my draft logo, I just looked through all the required readings for the assignment and looked through tons of real company logos that are used today, and were used many years ago. What I gathered in my research is that not every logo has things in it that have anything to do with their product or services. For example, McDonald’s arches are not burgers yet it is their extremely iconic logo. The purpose of a logo is to capture the attention and some bit of memory from your audience. When I look at logos, I don’t just want to focus on good ones but also the bad ones because both good and bad logos can be memorable in either positive or negative ways. Even fortune 500, household name companies can have goofy, or lackluster logos and because of their prominence, it can be a marketing curse being stuck with that image. After a few days of just fooling around on Google and looking at logos trying to get ideas, I ended up making a few drafts and wanted to pick the one I liked the most, which is the one I have uploaded here. I didn’t choose others because in the required reading it listed a few important aspects of logos that my other drafts didn’t have. For instance, a logo should be scale-able and should look just as good on a business card or a phone screen as it would on a poster. I think a centered logo looks very balanced especially when you consider the teeter totter/ weight scale rule we saw in the video tutorial last week. If it is a centered logo, there isn’t any element of the logo that outweighs the other elements skewing the focus of the image. My magnetic logo is centered and I think so far has decent balance but it isn’t symmetrical. As you can see, the W dips lower than the magnet because the magnet wouldn’t just stick to the W in a perfectly symmetrical way. If I was trying to win over the attention of some ladies, I could say that my magnetic logo really emphasizes my magnetic personality and my immediate attractiveness. That isn’t the purpose though and to this point I like the design and I think the force of attraction or magnetism emphasizes the focus on me. The focus on my fits the my theme. Perhaps there are other things than just the W that should be pulled to the magnet? Should effects be added? are the size of the magnet and W adequate? What do you guys think? I’m really hoping that I can improve a lot on this draft with your guys’ feedback and what will make it look the best.

The way I made the magnet was I used two rectangles for the prods with the rectangle tool along with two smaller grey rectangles for the magnetic ends, and I made 2 circles with the ellipse tool. Half of the circles overlapped with the prods so to get it to look like a normal magnet I used the pen tool to cut out the other halves of the circles so they would match up with the prods to get the curved magnet. There’s a slight color gradient so let me know what you think the best color for it would be! The W is a just 4 rectangles put together. I couldn’t get text to have a gradient and I want the W to look metal so it would be attracted to the magnet. I’m hoping to improve on that as well so hit me with ideas! I also downloaded an electric font to use to put my name on the magnet in-case it wasn’t clear that the image is my initials and the lighting bolt style of the font goes with the force of magnetism.

I like the progress so far of this but I’m really looking for feedback on what I can do to improve so thank you guys!.,–vector-338,,
magnet maybe done

Final Graphic Collage

For my revision of my graphic collage I got a lot of great peer and instructor feedback along with people outside of the class to see what I could do to improve on my rough draft. It was difficult deciding what to change because for example, some people thought the overall image was too bright and that I should reduce the vibrance, while others thought I should try to make the image pop even more with color. I decided to drop the vibrance and color balance a little because some feedback thought that it would draw more attention to the collage as a whole and not be overwhelming. Some of the other feedback I got was about the 3D text I used. It did end up looking a little rough around the edges and I was given ideas on blending it better or adding some effects to the text layers to make them blend a little better, as well as dropping the opacity slightly so it seemed less sharp. I also added another 3D text layer to kind of explain the purpose of the collage a little more. In my original collage the only text was “My universe.” It might be a little self-explanatory but with the feedback I got, I thought it would really help to open up on that a little more so I added “Friends and Family” because that is what constitutes my universe (cheesy I know). I also changed the lighting of the 3D text layers so it looked like the shadowing was coming from the bright blue planet bellow. I also put all the pictures I used together in the middle over the moon to show that these things are the center of my universe while adding some outer glow, bevel and emboss, and stroke effects to add to the 3D theme sort of and make the images pop off of the background.

Nothing about the theme of my collage changed as I really liked my progress the first time I submitted it. I still wanted a collage that looked well put together, like it took a lot of time and effort for a rookie like me, to show images that sum up my weirdness and what’s important to me, and to just express myself. I got a lot of constructive feedback from peers, instructors, and people outside of the class and I’m really happy with how my first ever Photoshop creation turned out and like seeing the differences between my first draft and this one. The amount of fiddling and backtracking due to mistakes has really gone down a lot between the time of the beginning of this unit, and up until the submission of my final graphic collage.

Here are also the citations and links to the 3 pictures I used (no changes were made to those 3 besides color balances from the first draft until this one), which are all under the free to remix CC agreement.

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All 3 sources are linked to this message-


Self Reflection of My Graphic Collage

I am facing the unfortunate reality that this collage won’t have my eyes on fire or anything. That is too hard for me and I shouldn’t devote more time to ruining my work… Alas, I think that I might try to make all the pictures uniform in the sense that right now they are in a corner of their own but they aren’t exactly all the same size. I am going to try to put all the pictures together in their own collage and maybe have them replace the moon. Another thing I am going to try to work on is the font. I like how its 3d and unique but it is really sharp and kind of sloppy so I need to experiment with it a little more and see if I can get it to blend in better. Finally, I’m going to see if there is anything I can do to further emphasize the theme of my collage and the meaning of it being my universe. I appreciate all the feedback and understanding i got from my peers and will use these main points as trying to accomplish what can improve my work.


Narrative Graphic Collage

The Purpose of my collage is to illustrate things that are important to me while utilizing my personality and creativity in the design. I must admit this is not how I pictured my collage coming out as I had some pretty unrealistic expectations for my first Photoshop creation. Originally I had envisioned having my face centered in a picture of space with with my eyes on fire and an orbit of items and pictures surrounding my face. The more I progressed with this idea, the more I realized how I should do something more simple and less confusing. I wanted to keep the idea of a mixture of layers for a space background because space and the stars just really interest me and I simply think they are nice to look at and not distracting from the other images that would end up being included. Instead of a solid black background without texture, stars and similar things make a nice contrast to the main images (the three “space” layers and their pictures as a part of the background image are all cited bellow, all of which are shared under a free to remix license).

The main images that a family member or I took are pictures that are just important and memorable to me. Three of them were a collage that I had previously made of me and my parents and siblings. The two pictures of the praying mantis of the other collage, I took and made while working. My work is a hot spot for these awesome animals and I cant deny the fact that I have captured dozens over the years and observed them. I love wildlife and this was the most practical way of demonstrating that. Previous attempts at trying to integrate a shark or a reptile of some sort into the space background didn’t go so well and I thought this would be a good substitute. Originally, both those sets of collages had a white background so I inversed the picture and set a black background so it wouldn’t stick out too bad. The last picture was of my girlfriend and I for a Homecoming dance in high school. We took pride in being the most patriotic couple which inspired her to make her own dress which was awesome!

Each Picture is outlined with the Bevel and Emboss and Outer Glow effects which add a glowing effect and make the pictures stand out nicely. There are also two color balance adjustments I added which made the colors of every picture stand out a lot better, as well as change the stars color from the background from a boring gray to a slight red, which accompanied with the blue parts of the background go really well with the red white and blue in my largest picture.

Finally, I tried goofing around with other affects and decided I would try a 3D title to kind of go along with the space theme of the background and add some depth to the images as a whole.

My original idea was overly confusing but sounded cool in my mind, but I instead opted to try to make it simpler for my skill while still demonstrating my personality and interests as a part of my main topic. This assignment was a little tough and took some trial and error but it was really enjoyable but I cant help but think I could do better with more practice.

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Some things I may use in my photo collection!

I’m not exactly sure what my post is gonna be about for sure but I think I want it to be a collage of things that are important to my life. so far these pictures are a little random, but I will add more relevant ones and keep out the ones that will add confusion. I’m already working on my first edit of the collage and these are some of the layers I have going so far.
(each picture i posted also allows for sharing, and editing and altering. I had a lot more but the CC wouldn’t allow for editing so I need to find substitutes)


8491083551_4f5b9ea8f4_n 5519580228_8dc57d7b3f_b 23106026_b35a73c38b_b 400905_4881925168747_1337086729_n

Photoshop Tutorials

Here are my finished Photoshop Tutorials

My First Post – What my page is about

Chandler Wysup- WSU Quidditch All-Star

Chandler Wysup- WSU Quidditch All-Star

My web page is going to be predominantly about my COM 210 assignments I. This is my first ever communications class so I want to center it around my career and progression as a student and what I am doing this semester in this class. Because this is the first website I’ve made before and the first time I have documented information about something that isn’t on personal social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I think my cites content should be centered on my experiences.

Through social media it is easy to lose sight of the message that our posts and comments actually leave for a person reading it because a lot of the time people make a post it is mostly mindless and impulsive. Due to its virtual interface as opposed to a face-to-face interaction, the impression our posts and words have on someone may end up never getting back to us. It is both interesting and important that a huge part of this class is that we are expected to have people actively be aware of what we post and give us substantial insight or critiques on what we have done for either our web page, or for our assignments in the course. Fortunately for us new webpage owners, constructive criticism can be a very positive tool for bettering oneself.

I look forward to updating my web page and receiving feedback on my work throughout the course. Along with being my first communications class and web page, this course also offers the opportunity to make a portfolio of my work and I in a new subject and realm of my education career that we will cover in this class such as graphic design, editing, and other programs. It will be really helpful for me to receive feedback and input on what I’m doing and it will also be fun to make this page and my work about myself.

One thing that is frustrating about some aspects of education is that students are often times penalized for displaying character or lacking professionalism in their school work. Therefore, I’m going to embrace that this page is mine; for each post and assignment I’m going to integrate my personality and what I am interested in. Most likely you will see through my posts what my favorite things to do are, what food I like gorging my face with, what movies I like to watch, and so on. I’m looking forward to integrating my nerdy interests with my work and my first webpage.