My little bro and I.


Hello and thank you for visiting my web page. My name is Chandler Wysup and I have been a Coug far longer than I have been a student at WSU. I was born in Albuquerque New Mexico and have lived in the Palouse area for almost ten years now and have grown to love it despite it basically being a giant empty wheat field. If you find studying hours on end and barely surviving on ramen noodles isn’t enough for a poor souls daily life as a student, feel free to enjoy my web page as I will be posting media content about myself created in my COM 210 class. The purpose of this blog is to integrate my course work with my personality and hopefully accrue constructive feedback on my work so I can gain experience in a completely new field as I have very little experience in the area of multi-media. You will also learn a lot about me through this page and my work and assignments.

What brought my family and I to Pullman was a business opportunity. My dad has been in the car business since the conclusion of his higher education career at Pepperdine University in California. About ten years ago my mom and dad were looking for a business to own. They eventually came across and purchased a Chrysler auto dealership in Pullman. The family business and my dads influence has helped spur my interest in business and the auto industry as well, which has led me to pursue a degree in psychology and business from my hometown and WSU. I currently work at my families dealership in the parts and service departments and am looking forward to expanding my career as I advance my education.

When I’m not working at the family business or burying my head in a book preparing for the next paper or exam for my classes I like to spend my time hanging out or playing basketball with my friends (some of us wear retro NBA Jerseys, go Sonics!), playing poker or video games, fishing a ton when its summer time, nerding out and watching movies, and picking on my little siblings.

If you notice my picture in the “about me” section of the page you will see I have short hair. My mother made me keep my hair short for my senior pictures last year but after that I started growing it out so if you see me with my goofy longer hair, just wish my doo and I  good luck. A customer at work asked the receptionist why there was a big girl back in the shop. That big girl was me, except I’m a guy. It was a rough time for my hair and I but I am doing OK now.

If you find yourself on my page please give me a like, share, or a comment and give me some input. I hope you enjoy my posts and my work!

Thanks a bundle!


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