Wrap-Up Blog Post

Chandler Wysup
Comm 210-09
Final Blog Post

I think it is so cool how so much of what we learn every day and what we retain has to do with what we see. An image can remain in someone’s memory for their entire life. Visual information fascinates me and that’s why my favorite project this semester was our most recent one, the video story. All except one of our projects utilize visuals, but this one utilized audio as well as video which made the project extra challenging. It’s so cool how great audio can enhance an image and vice versa. I really enjoyed videotaping something I do with my brothers all the time and they think my final video is hilarious. Hayden, my littlest brother keeps asking if any “ladies” are going to see him in the video so it’s awesome to me how they enjoy this as well. I think the skills I have used in this project especially will benefit my career in the future. My family owns a business and my dad does almost all the marketing on his own for it and makes his own commercials so I think that the skills I’ve learned here will translate really well. I think that the illustrator project also helped me for if I ever make a logo for a business of my own and make business cards or anything. There’s so many ways this all could fit into my career. The class didn’t change or influence my decision in choosing my career, but it has enhanced my chances and skill within the career I have chosen which is great. I feel like we covered a lot in this course and I can’t think of anything that I wish we would have covered. They all tie in together in some way, and this was even evident in the last project. I experimented with audio in premiere and it didn’t work too well for me so I did the audio editing in audition, and put this new edited version back into premiere. I think we covered a great amount of content and were all relevant and could be tied in together, which made none of it redundant and gave each topic and unit worthwhile and meaningful. Mostly the only other websites I used the adobe website and they had some nice tutorials. I especially used them for Photoshop and Premiere. Overall, I loved the class and I think I will use this stuff in the future with my career and in my family business. My dad is pretty old-fashioned and even he is becoming more technology savvy, and I’m seeing how the industry is becoming more reliant on media and communications outlets. I really enjoyed the class and it was set up in an awesome way where we could always get help where it was always prompt, as well as our assignments always being returned promptly and with feedback. I have definitely already started recommending this class to my friends because it is so great!

Thank you!


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