Video Story- Draft

For my draft story I really want to focus on what my audio story was all about, which was my family and what it has been like for all of us since I’ve been at college. I really wanted to open up on the little brother’s story line and have some fun with him and my other brother. A lot of our family time between my brothers and I is spent outside playing sports. We usually spend our time playing 2-on-1 basketball (because I’m way taller than them I don’t get a teammate). My youngest brother Hayden is always trying to prove he as better than us at something even though he is younger and smaller than us, so this was his perfect opportunity to show what he was made of. I got inspiration for this from the NBA playoffs which are currently under way. They always give players some flashy intro and some back-story to why they have performed the way they have, and I thought a blood brother battle is perfect motivation to humiliate one’s own brother. I try using different angles and shot types the best I could without wobbling the camera too much. I wanted to add further focus to my brothers since I used both of them before in my projects so in the intro I wanted to talk about the family dynamic in a comical way and lead up to their basketball battle. When they are first shown in the video I liked pausing on them with a title of their name next to it so the viewer can get a glimpse and if they have seen my other projects, gather a visual representation for them. I think the way I shot my brothers really emphasized how much smaller my younger bro was, but showed. The problem is the song I chose. The song has the free to share CC license. I was using it with a different link to a different song and got them mixed up and didn’t realize this one only had the free to share. It says you can use it as long as you don’t remix or transform it, and I didn’t do either of those, but I did shorten it so maybe that counts as transforming. I’m going to post it twice, once with the song and once without just in case and hopefully someone can help me understand better. If I can’t use it ill delete it or whatever it takes and I can use a new song with another CC license. As for the story tying in to my project, it is a continuation of my audio story and fits perfectly with my topic for the semester. I focus on my family and the daily things we do together such as yam on each other on the 8 foot hoop in the driveway. Originally I was using my mom’s digital video camera but couldn’t for the life of me find out how to get the files off the disk and onto my computer so instead I’m using my phones video camera that shoots in 1080p 30hd and translate the shots into premiere as such. My final interview with my brother is way too quiet and I haven’t figured out yet how to edit the volume the way I could in Audition but I will either do that or redo the interview. I also plan on shortening it so I can add in a conclusion to sum up the piece. Anyways, let me know what you guys think on how I can improve telling the story, what I should do about the song in the background, how I should further edit the shots, and anything else I should do to improve! Thanks!

Here are the links to the songs i used, one under the free to share and the other under free to remix. Let me know how to go about this properly. Thanks to FLstudio and Minor Threat Recordings

This is the one that has the free to share licence ^^^^^^^^^^^^. I decided not to post my project with the song just in case I was violating the CC license and instead used the song below which has the free to share and remix license (I used it in a previous project so I just plugged it in but plan on making changes later on)

To eliminate confusion, i just posted one version with the song i intended to because i wasnt sure about the CC license. this one is by Minor Threat Records “i told you tammy its mine”

• Over the past year since ive been at college away from home more, my ranking withing the family men has been left open. My two younger brothers have been fighting to move into the second in command spot only under my dad. They decided to settle things on the concrete.
• Eventually ask lily questions about why things have been hard on her.
• Get lots of b role for opening intro before basketball shots
• Clearly basketball wasn’t their strongsuit, maybe they can settle this paramount feud over

• Over the past year, my home and family have had to deal with turmoil due to my absence and being away at college. The vacancy of the third in command only behind my mom and dad has been tough on the whole family. Recently, both my youngers hayden and taylor have been vying to capitalize on the open position. Political instability has decimated family morale. They both decided to settle the stalemate once and for all. It was my moral obligation to record this battle royale for the record books as they settle things on the concrete.
• I’ll have a post-game interview with Hayden asking him how he will feel about his new position as second dominant male in the house. He should be ecstatic. Who knows what he will say.

Would you say that you and your older brother Taylor have a rivalry?
Where did you get your basketball skills?
How did you feel about that sweet yam and comeback?
What do you think the chances are we see you in the draft?

Com 210 Draft Video Story

Time Visual Audio
about 0:00 – :20 opening intro of what the video is about/visuals of taylor and hayden B-roll my voice. Explaining situation/light opening music
:26 first still shot of hayden. Visually representing him Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
:41 video of taylors introduction Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
:47 fade out of intro to video shots of story Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
:53 taylor takes hayden to the rack Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
1:04 feet shot of taylor balling Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
1:09 Hayden Deep Shot Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
1:13 Hayden gets stuffed Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
1:18 hayden takes taylor to the rack Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
1:19 slow motion rising up Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
1:23 hayden hanging after dunk Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio
2:00 Hayden post-game interview ask him about his performance and what not Background song- “late afternoon” by FLstudio


4 thoughts on “Video Story- Draft

  1. Chandler, I enjoyed your concept and that it focused on a side of you without actually featuring you. That’s clever. I won’t touch on the musical element of this composition since I think the audio was fine. I read in the comments that you were still trying to figure it out, and I would go in and ask our TA Kakali. Your opening with the narration over still photographs was your strongest point I think. However, when you get to the “Blood Brothers Battle” you said “staring” instead of “starring.” Spelling is very important in this industry, so make sure to have someone help you edit if you aren’t sure. Another thing I would fix would be the length you keep “Hayden” on the screen. It felt awkward. Instead, I would flash his name until about 0:40 and then pop his name back up when “vs Taylor” pops up. Also, your transition at 1:40 was very abrupt and jarring. Other than that, I enjoyed watching your video. Best, Katy

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  2. The beginning of your video is absolutely hilarious! I love the personality you give to it, and make something as simple as a basketball game seem interesting. The way that it was set up made the video really easy to follow, where you introduced the game, showed the highlights, and ended by showing the winner. My biggest suggestion would be to obviously increase the audio on the interview. I’m not sure on the copyright of your song, but my guess would be that it is okay because you are not physically remixing or editing it. I also think that you could cut out some of the basketball game footage. I think it was all good footage, but it was a little long, so it might be more effective to just capture the main parts of the game, and try to cut out some of the unnecessary footage. Overall, I think it was really interesting, and I really like the fun idea!

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  3. Self-Critique- I got some nice feedback from my peers on my video and it made me feel a lot better about what I already have. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t improve it though. This was the most difficult project to me because there are multiple aspects to every shot including the audio quality and effects used so it makes it extra challenging. They gave me suggestions on clips that I can shorten, which I will for sure play around with, and also how to time the titles a little better. I wasn’t sure how to show “Hayden vs Taylor” without leaving “Hayden” up the whole time which was kind of awkward, but Katy suggested flashing “Hayden” for a little bit, then taking it down, then putting it back up with the Taylor so I will try that out. I’m also going to find some tutorials to audio editing in premier to see if I can salvage my final interview, and if not or if it sounds too low quality then I will try to redo it before Friday. They also suggested changing one of my transitions that was kind of awkward as well so I will change that. As for my instructor feedback, it was suggested I improve the story. My peers thought it was easy to follow but I think I will add more detail to my intro to explain it better, or maybe shorten to game clips and after my interview with Hayden have a conclusion to summarize and further explain to add depth to my story. I really like what I have so far and am going to keep trying to find ways to make it better, because it was really fun making it and my brothers think they are the funniest guys in the world for being in it.


  4. Chandler, I think that your video is coming along nicely. The intro at the start was really funny and it grabbed my attention to figure out what was about to go down. It made it easy to realize that your overall topic was going to be about your family so I thought it was conveyed smoothly. One suggestion that I would have for you is to utilize some transitions in the basketball game. I felt like it was cutting to a lot of different things and some smooth transitions would make the video flow a lot better. The overall basketball game could be cut in length because it tends to drag on a little bit. The music was really well used and it was nothing over the top. The audio was clear for the narration except for the interview at the end which could be a little bit louder. In the end it was an enjoyable video to watch and I hope this helps out for your final.

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