Final Audio Story

For my final audio story I wanted to make a few major additions to what I had in my rough draft. A lot of feedback I got from classmates and my instructor suggested that I add an intro and conclusion to explain more about what the interviews are about and talk a little more about me. The conclusion helps in just wrapping up the piece as a whole and also gives a little more thought on to how I feel about my topic, which was living in Pullman and having my family in town with me. For the final audio story I wanted to keep the two interview clips I previously had with my dad and my brother because I thought they were the most entertaining and insightful. Some feedback I got suggested that instead of having my brother’s goofy interview first after the interview, I put my dad’s in first because it was a more serious clip. After that I thought it would be good to have a transition to my brother’s interview and talk about why my family is important to me and about my brother’s interview. I decided to leave in the intro to that interview because I wanted to leave in his “excellente” and I didn’t see how I could without my intro to him. Worth it if you ask me because it was pretty funny. After that I made a short conclusion just summing up the topic and how I feel. As for the mechanics and editing parts of the project, I focused on cutting out more unnecessary pauses because some people thought that it could be made shorter and more concise. I also worked with editing the volume so every part of the whole piece was around the same decibel range and no parts were overly loud. I also phased out the background music for part of my brothers interview all the way instead of slightly because I found out that what I thought was background noise was part of the song which was kind of annoying. I wanted to keep background music in slightly though throughout the rest of the piece because I thought it kept a nice tone and mood throughout. Some feedback thought I should phase it out completely though during the interviews but some thought it should be there. I thought it sounded best and most professional with a little background music as long as it wasn’t overpowering. Overall, I really liked the topic choice of how my life has been with my family living in Pullman and it talks a little bit about why I wanted to stay here to go to school here at WSU. I’m happy with all the feedback I got and it really helped me improve on my audio story.


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