Final Audio Story

For my final audio story I wanted to make a few major additions to what I had in my rough draft. A lot of feedback I got from classmates and my instructor suggested that I add an intro and conclusion to explain more about what the interviews are about and talk a little more about me. The conclusion helps in just wrapping up the piece as a whole and also gives a little more thought on to how I feel about my topic, which was living in Pullman and having my family in town with me. For the final audio story I wanted to keep the two interview clips I previously had with my dad and my brother because I thought they were the most entertaining and insightful. Some feedback I got suggested that instead of having my brother’s goofy interview first after the interview, I put my dad’s in first because it was a more serious clip. After that I thought it would be good to have a transition to my brother’s interview and talk about why my family is important to me and about my brother’s interview. I decided to leave in the intro to that interview because I wanted to leave in his “excellente” and I didn’t see how I could without my intro to him. Worth it if you ask me because it was pretty funny. After that I made a short conclusion just summing up the topic and how I feel. As for the mechanics and editing parts of the project, I focused on cutting out more unnecessary pauses because some people thought that it could be made shorter and more concise. I also worked with editing the volume so every part of the whole piece was around the same decibel range and no parts were overly loud. I also phased out the background music for part of my brothers interview all the way instead of slightly because I found out that what I thought was background noise was part of the song which was kind of annoying. I wanted to keep background music in slightly though throughout the rest of the piece because I thought it kept a nice tone and mood throughout. Some feedback thought I should phase it out completely though during the interviews but some thought it should be there. I thought it sounded best and most professional with a little background music as long as it wasn’t overpowering. Overall, I really liked the topic choice of how my life has been with my family living in Pullman and it talks a little bit about why I wanted to stay here to go to school here at WSU. I’m happy with all the feedback I got and it really helped me improve on my audio story.


Draft Audio Story

This is a very incomplete mix of my rough draft audio story for com 210. I still need to work on it a lot but I like the theme of it so far and the content but it is still a little messy. I am wondering what you guys think in terms of the intro I did and if that is something that works for this assignment? Should I have a conclusion? I thought for now and maybe even later no conclusion might work because the final words of the interview kind of sum up the topic pretty well and if I did add anything in it would be something pretty small just wrapping it up. I put together 4 different audio clips together not counting the music and mashed them up and cut out any unnecessary “ummm” like noises and faded them together and changed the volume for any parts that were too quiet with the volume decibel bar. Once I start talking I fade out the music and have it lightly in the background. Do you guys think it’s too quiet or just right? I think there might need to be some transitions as well that I add between the clips maybe explaining the story a little bit more. I just need to try to fit it into 3 minutes which is a problem because I am known to overdo it when it comes to limits (a 5 page paper may end up being 8 pages for me). As for content, I think where I have lived and my family have a huge effect on the person I am and I think focusing on my family’s thoughts of me and the place we have lived for 10 years is a great way to cover the topic of me! I think the music goes great with the topic as it is kind of upbeat but not overwhelming and it pauses it has make it easy to find a stopping place and to fade it out when I am completed. My laptop’s video recorder worked great and when there wasn’t any noise in the background, the sound levels I got in the program were great so I think I will stick to that recording device in the future. As for unnecessary background noise, there is a lot of it in the last half of my draft with my interview with my dad. I think it’s my little siblings but I can’t really tell. Do you guys know of any way to use an effect to reduce background/ambient noise? If not maybe I should just re-record that interview. So far I am happy with how this has turned out but I know I can change a lot to improve it and look forward to the Feedback!

Also thanks to Minor Threat Recordings for listing the background music under the free to share and remix CC license! Here’s the link to where I got the song.

Raw Audio Footage

Here are my Raw Audio Footage clips on SoundCloud. I didn’t include my tutorial but I do think I will use that and it is already posted below. I will probably continue to add more though to eventually include in my Audio Story.

These are some interviews I did with my family over the past 2 days. I asked them all what they felt about Pullman to hopefully make a compilation of a bio of where I live and why I love it but sadly they did not take it as seriously as I thought. I will for sure use my Dads and maybe the other ones or have them do a re-do with me.