Final Illustrator Logo

I’m really happy with how my final logo turned out. I improved it a lot based on my feedback I got from my instructor and my peers. The majority of the feedback I got had to do with the texture and size of the W part of my initial as well as the appearance of the C. The C was thinner in the handle area so that needed to be fixed and the W didn’t have the metal appearance I was looking for yet. I was told that it might look a lot better if I Moved the text of my name into the space between the magnet prods next to the W so I did that and made the font red like the Magnet itself. I also made the “handle” part of the magnet thicker because it was distorted to be thinner than the prods. I think this change also made it look more like a C. As for the W, I had a really hard time getting it to look like metal. This was probably something I could have done in Photoshop with mixing layers but with vectors it was really difficult. I decided to use a grain effect and played with the presets of the intensity and stuff a lot until it looked like a brushed steel W. I’m really happy with how much it looks like metal now because of the gradients of gray that are in it as well. I also added a drop shadow to make everything stick out just a little bit more. There is one thing that I couldn’t quite understand and that is that the W looks pixely sometimes. Sometimes when I open the file it looks foggy (due to the effect, I tried enhancing it and expanding the appearance to help it a little bit) and other times it is perfectly normal so I hope on the Jpeg it decides to cooperate with me! all in all, I got a lot of great feedback ranging from the concept of my logo, to the technical pieces of it and it really helped me improve it and I think that is clear through the changes in my rough draft and my final draft and I am happy with the results! I think my initials and the play on gravity or magnetism emphasizes the focus on me.

Thanks for all the help!

As for the resources I used this time for the W, I found two ways to make a metal look. One way was with the graphic pen effect but that didn’t work at all for me… here are the links to those sources. Final Magnet


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