Self Critique of Draft Logo

Looking back on my logo draft, I think it was a good start and I’m proud of it because I think it is pretty creative. After not looking at it for a few days, it’s nice to see it in a fresh perspective. I got some great feedback that I can used to make my logo better though from both peers and my instructor. I really appreciate when someone tells me exactly what they think I should do even though that isn’t always possible because it is just a suggestion and we don’t always know how something will turn out but I’m glad there are certain things that stick out as easily fixable like font placement, shape of my magnet, and affects that I can use or other shapes to add more pizzazz to my logo. I was hoping someone would have an idea of exactly HOW to make something look metal, so instead I will just have to do some more experimentation and can hopefully get the W in my logo to look more metal. I was also told to maybe add more to the logo but I think one of the best properties of a logo is simplicity so I will experiment with it but won’t be set on any additions. All in all, I got great feedback that will definitely help me improve my logo. I really appreciate it!


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