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Before I came up with an idea for my draft logo, I just looked through all the required readings for the assignment and looked through tons of real company logos that are used today, and were used many years ago. What I gathered in my research is that not every logo has things in it that have anything to do with their product or services. For example, McDonald’s arches are not burgers yet it is their extremely iconic logo. The purpose of a logo is to capture the attention and some bit of memory from your audience. When I look at logos, I don’t just want to focus on good ones but also the bad ones because both good and bad logos can be memorable in either positive or negative ways. Even fortune 500, household name companies can have goofy, or lackluster logos and because of their prominence, it can be a marketing curse being stuck with that image. After a few days of just fooling around on Google and looking at logos trying to get ideas, I ended up making a few drafts and wanted to pick the one I liked the most, which is the one I have uploaded here. I didn’t choose others because in the required reading it listed a few important aspects of logos that my other drafts didn’t have. For instance, a logo should be scale-able and should look just as good on a business card or a phone screen as it would on a poster. I think a centered logo looks very balanced especially when you consider the teeter totter/ weight scale rule we saw in the video tutorial last week. If it is a centered logo, there isn’t any element of the logo that outweighs the other elements skewing the focus of the image. My magnetic logo is centered and I think so far has decent balance but it isn’t symmetrical. As you can see, the W dips lower than the magnet because the magnet wouldn’t just stick to the W in a perfectly symmetrical way. If I was trying to win over the attention of some ladies, I could say that my magnetic logo really emphasizes my magnetic personality and my immediate attractiveness. That isn’t the purpose though and to this point I like the design and I think the force of attraction or magnetism emphasizes the focus on me. The focus on my fits the my theme. Perhaps there are other things than just the W that should be pulled to the magnet? Should effects be added? are the size of the magnet and W adequate? What do you guys think? I’m really hoping that I can improve a lot on this draft with your guys’ feedback and what will make it look the best.

The way I made the magnet was I used two rectangles for the prods with the rectangle tool along with two smaller grey rectangles for the magnetic ends, and I made 2 circles with the ellipse tool. Half of the circles overlapped with the prods so to get it to look like a normal magnet I used the pen tool to cut out the other halves of the circles so they would match up with the prods to get the curved magnet. There’s a slight color gradient so let me know what you think the best color for it would be! The W is a just 4 rectangles put together. I couldn’t get text to have a gradient and I want the W to look metal so it would be attracted to the magnet. I’m hoping to improve on that as well so hit me with ideas! I also downloaded an electric font to use to put my name on the magnet in-case it wasn’t clear that the image is my initials and the lighting bolt style of the font goes with the force of magnetism.

I like the progress so far of this but I’m really looking for feedback on what I can do to improve so thank you guys!.

http://www.thelogofactory.com/logo-design-tips/, http://design.tutsplus.com/articles/30-brilliant-vector-logo-designs-deconstructed–vector-338, http://zankrank.com/Ranqings/Default.aspx?currentRanqing=worst%20logos%20ever,
magnet maybe done


4 thoughts on “Draft Logo

  1. Chandler Wysup,
    Overall, I think that your logo looks very professional and is stylized very well. I like the colors and the many different techniques that you used within the illustrator program. Your logo fits your theme very well and using your initials was a very smart idea. In addition, I think that the magnet is very creative; it was created and executed very well. I don’t have very many critiques for this logo. However, I do think that one thing you can improve on is to maybe add a little bit more design to it? It’s not plain or anything, but if you add just a little bit more design I think it can really help enhance the logo and make it even better. Maybe add some shapes or cool looking artwork in the background? You can also maybe try adding different colors or shadows to help make your logo stand out a little more?

    Kianna Bertolino


  2. Chandler- Hey there! I like the idea of your design and where it is headed. I think it’s a great starting point and can only get better just like everyone else’s. I like the play with the magnet and thought it was creative, and no one else seems to have implemented that. For improvement there is a few things you should focus on. For starters, the position of the magnet should be changed; consider moving it downward and making it more center within the border. You should also look into maybe changing the background, or adding a little more to add to the piece. By opening up the symbols tab, you can virtually add unlimited amounts of things that can only help the piece. Also, you can change the color of those symbols to better match the piece. However, I think that you have a great starting point and the piece can only get better. Keep up the good work!



  3. Chandler,
    WOW! The CW initials with a magnet is very creative! There is a definite use of many techniques with the illustrator program! The concept is well executed though with a little improvement will easily bring it up a notch overall. I would recommend cleaning up the lines on the ‘w’ especially the middle top hump. I feel that the C and W proportions are slightly off, it is a little unappealing to the eye in that aspect. Fixing the proportion flaw will take the overall logo tot the next level. Perhaps make the ‘w’ more angled to look as if it is hanging more? In addition, I would maybe recommend changing the font of your name within the C. You may even consider making the logo a tad smaller and putting your name under the logo? Maybe play around with that aspect. Overall with a few touch ups your logo will vastly improve!


  4. I enjoyed how you contrasted your logo with the goal of it being unique and different! I feel as though your theme was very well applied to your logo. I also applaud your construction of the magnet. Its shape is crisp, clear and easy to recognize. The only critique I would recommend would be to possibly make the W or magnet larger so the scale difference would become more drastic. This would ensure that your audience notices the theme you are trying to achieve with contrasting the two graphics. I would also suggest making your font sharper. A sharper text could make it easier on your audience by the text being easier to clarify. I feel that with these two small adjustments, your logo will be as great as ever! Over very well done!


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